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Jaw Dropping NEW Membership Program

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Introducing our jaw dropping NEW BHPS membership program! Our goal is for you to “get more, spend less.” From aesthetic treatments to facials, to everyday skin cares, we want you to conveniently shop in one stop. With our membership program, affordable pricing is not a dream! Let’s become an extraordinary version of yourself!

How much does a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons membership cost?

Prices vary based on membership term. Current membership rates are: $99 for 12-month Gold membership, $199 for 12-month Platinum membership, $599 for a 12-month Black Diamond membership.

Can you go to Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons’ clinics without a membership?

Yes. Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons still has regular price for the clients without a membership. But the price for membership is much lower than the regular price. The botox is only $7/unit for members while it is $9/unit for regular price.

Is a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons membership worth it?

“It’s totally worth it, but depends on your life habits to get those savings, If you can get to do injections or lasers regularly then yes the membership is absolutely worth it,” one member said. “You could save thousands of dollar if you do Ultherapy and Theremage FLX with a membership card here, it is definitely the best price in the whole States”.