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General injection techniques for advanced fillers injectors

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Best injection techniques for advanced fillers injectors

Our methods for carrying out cosmetic operations advance along with our knowledge of the human face’s anatomy and the aging process of the skin. Because they are rapid, less expensive than surgical procedures, and offer a lot of flexibility, injectables have long been a favorite treatment option. However, you may also be aware of some of its downsides and restrictions. The good news is that, if you do your research, you can discover an injector who can provide you with stunning results. Injection formulae and processes have substantially improved in recent years.

The results will be greatly influenced by the decisions made by your injector rather than the product. More factors than just the product influence results: the art of injection.  

Rather than the product, your results will depend much more on the decisions made by your injector. The appropriate approach can also improve patient comfort throughout therapy and get better results. On the other hand, using bad technique might cause extra discomfort, problems, and unfavorable outcomes. This is why it’s crucial that you select an injector who is qualified and skilled.

Your injector should be knowledgeable with the whole spectrum of injection techniques, including, but not limited to, cross-hatching, linear threading, and radial fanning, and select the best strategy for your unique objectives. Here are a few of the precise injection techniques utilized to address various facial lines and wrinkles:

General injection techniques

Linear threading technique: for this technique, the full length of the needle is inserted into the middle of the wrinkle or fold to create a channel. The product is usually injected while the needle is slowly drawn backward, so that “threads” are deposited along the length of the wrinkle or fold.

This method is frequently employed to treat single creases like marionette lines or nasolabial folds.

Fanning technique: Radial fanning attempts to lessen bruising by filling the troublesome area with few skin punctures. Before the needle is fully extracted from the skin, it is redirected into a different radial plane and additional filler is injected until the desired result is attained. The procedure begins by inserting a needle in the target area and injecting a tunnel of filler as the needle is withdrawn.

Serial puncture: An injector administers little amounts at each puncture point along a crease.

Cross-hatching: This method is used to cover large regions. To make a cross-hatching pattern, a series of parallel filler tunnels are injected, followed by a sequence of perpendicular tunnels.

Filler Injection Techniques

Fern Pattern Technique: Only a very small amount of product should be injected with each injection; space them 2-3 mm apart on one side before switching to the other side and spacing them similarly on the opposite side.

The Fern Patter Technique fills dynamic lines or folds by injecting extremely small amounts of filler in a manner like a leaf. The gel filler particles combined with the collagen in the dermis to create a strong, yet flexible patch of skin are the basis for this technique’s success. The product is injected into the dermis as a skin supporter.

The doctor and the patient decide whether the lines will be entirely gone after the surgery or only somewhat diminished. To treat static, dynamic, and superficial lines, the approach can also be used in conjunction with other techniques.

Fern Pattern Technique

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