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What is G-Spot enhancement?

The G-spot is an area located on the anterior wall of the vagina,
approximately two inches in size. It is highly sensitive and
composed of nerve tissues. When directly stimulated, it can
enlarge and provide intense pleasure. G-spot enhancement aims
to increase fullness in the G-spot, leading to more intense and
deeper orgasms. Finding the G-spot can be challenging for some
women due to variations in size, dimension, and location.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons (BHPS) offers two types of G-spot enhancement

G-spot enhancement is a quick and painless procedure that can be done with local anesthesia or sedation. The examination and injection typically take less than 10-15 minutes. To maintain the effect, three repeat injections are required within three months. Women who struggle to locate their G-spots or have difficulty achieving deep vaginal orgasms, as well as those who only experience clitoral orgasms and want to explore vaginal orgasms, are good candidates for G-spot enhancement. It is a safe and effective non-surgical and non-hormonal option for women experiencing sexual dysfunction, such as low libido, arousal issues, or dyspareunia.

Preparation for G-spot enhancement involves consulting with the doctor to discuss your expectations. It is important not to be on your menstrual period during the procedure. Additionally, you should stop taking anti-inflammatory medications like Ibuprofen or Aspirin, as well as certain vitamin and herbal supplements, for at least two weeks prior to the procedure to reduce the risk of increased bleeding.

After the G-spot enhancement procedure, it is recommended to clean the treatment area after urination using sanitary wipes, starting 24 hours after the procedure. Patients can resume sexual intercourse one week after the procedure. Within a day after the process, patients can walk around and engage in regular gentle activities.

There are potential risks and complications associated with the O-Shot procedure, including bruising, bleeding or hematoma, swelling, pain, and infection.

Recovery from G-spot enhancement is generally painless with minimal discomfort. Patients can typically return to work within a day and resume sexual activity after one week. The results of the procedure can last for a year or more.