Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons(BHPS®)

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons

Welcome to Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons (BHPS®). BHPS® is a physician-driven, integrated health management group. Patients can expect world-class, personalized care from leading top surgeons and providers. BHPS® is a membership-based medical and cosmetic care practice on a mission to provide top-quality services at the lowest possible prices. We have locations in Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, Santa Monica, Temple City, Brea, Las Vegas, & more soon!

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We’re opening new offices in the cities below soon — and you can be one of the first people in the area to experience the top primary care for beauty.

Seattle 48%
San Diego 39%
New York 31%

Our Locations

Beverly Hills Surgery Center

Newport Beach Clinic

Palo Alto Clinic

Las Vegas Clinic

Temple City Clinic


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